Wild Rose Healing Balm

Wild Rose Healing Balm

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This special, small batch Wild Rose Balm started as a slow infusion of Rosa Acicularis petals, wildharvested on Treaty 6 Land, in an organic, cold pressed sweet Almond oil. Pressed off after a full moon cycle, and gently alchemized with Kokum butter, Alberta Beeswax, Rosehip critical extraction.

Size: 1oz 

This healing balm is inspired by the resiliency and beauty of Canada's Indigenous women and people. Rose medicine offers way to open up our hearts to receive and give love, and alchemize painful, deep, ancestral wounds.


50% of the profits for Wild Rose Balm this year is going directly back into our community and into the pockets of a wonderful human, Piyesiw Crane. Piyesiw (they/them) is an Indigenous birth worker from Samson Cree Nation (and a member of @indigenousbirthofalberta).  

I've had the privilege of witnessing their journey through their lens as a disabled, queer, Indigenous person over the last several years. On top of being a powerful voice here on #treaty6 through their climate, reproductive, and indigenous rights advocacy, they have provided SO much free labor and resource culling for so many of us in our community- and it's time for us to give back in the form of mutual aid.

I've always felt that they are an incredible example of Indigenous resiliency- but, as in most cases, it doesn't come without massive obstacles.  Piyesew is the first generation of their family to not attend residential school- but experienced foster care systems throughout their childhood.  Born with heart condition, neurological disorder and spinal cord injury, that has compoundingly impacted how they experience life, especially in a racist, ableist society in which we still live.  

Because of this, they are restricted in their mobility in various ways- one being that they are unable to drive. Piyesiw is also a new mother and university student. Since March, they have been working as a birthworker in Maskwacis- a dream of theirs that they have sought after for many years. Bringing birth back to their community and educating and empowering indigenous people in reclaiming tradition around pregnancy, birth and traditional parenting has been a goal of theirs for years- but they need the mobility to be able to fulfill this dream.

Piyesiw is raising funds in order to obtain a vehicle that can be made accessible with hand controls and that will be able to transport their baby, a wheel chair, and a service dog. While they are currently working with Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital to learn how to drive a vehicle with hand controls, obtaining an appropriate and safe vehicle is a priority- and I think that with the power of this community - we can help make this a reality for Piyesew. 

You can donate directly to Piyesiw by sending them mutual aid (any amount helps) via EMT to piyesiwcrane@gmail.com , by purchasing a Wild Rose Balm, or by purchasing a ticket to @wildrosesfestival. I will be giving 5% of my profits directly to them, as well as we have created multiple opportunities throughout the event to donate to them directly as well.

wildcrafted wild rose petals (rosa acicularis),sweet almond oil (prunus amygdalus dulcis) kokum (garcinia indica)butter, alberta beeswax, rosehip (rosa canina) c02 extract, beet root (beta vulgaris), rose (rosa damascena) essential oil, lemon (citrus x limon) essential oil.

Rosa Acicularis Petals: a heart opening humectant that draws water into the skin cells. This action helps to renew, regenerate and replenish the skin for a more dewy, hydrated appearance.

Kokum Butter: Channeling that inner crone + grandmother energy- kokum butter is an incredibly stable plant fat expressed from the Garcinia fruit. It has a similar triglyeride complex to that of Cacao Butter.

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The Ritual

Use the Wild Rose Balm to add extra dewiness to your face, hydration to your hands, cuticles or any part of your body that is in need of extra love.