Rose Quartz Crystal Comb

Rose Quartz Crystal Comb

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A hair ritual tool that is heaven sent for the scalp. The head is home to many acupressure points and meridians that bring relief to stress and tension. Intentional scalp massage also increases circulation in the scalp, stimulating new hair growth--especially when used with our Tonic Hair + Scalp Serum. We recommend creating a pre-bathing ritual by giving yourself a luxuriously simple scalp massage using the power of Rose Quartz- the ultimate vibration of self love.

Ethically sourced combs cut and polished with genuine Rose Quartz. Because of their authenticity, every comb has unique and one of a kind markings.

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The Ritual

We recommend using the crystal hair comb for performing a scalp massage using our Tonic Hair + Scalp Serum.

Start by dividing the hair in sections and dispensing a dropper full of oil, until the entire scalp has been annointed.

Starting at the top of the head, press with gentle pressure, zig zagging or pulsing alongside the head to stimulate meridians and pressure points. Complete the entire scalp and flip the comb around to gently massage pressure points on the face for a relaxing release.

Comb the oil through the hair to the end to finish.