The Birth Sage

Are you a soulful woman who believes that birth is a sacred rite of passage? Do you believe in your body's innate ability to give birth? If so, I'm here to hold space for your blossoming, mama. I believe that EVERY woman deserves to give birth in her power and on her terms. Whether you decide to have a midwife who is aligned to your values, or birth outside of the system, my belief is that peace on earth begins with birth. Together, lets envision a new path forward- a birth that leaves you feeling powerful, intuitive and confident as you move into this next beautiful phase of your life.

What is a birth sage?

As a birth sage, I call upon my years of wisdom serving hundreds of clients in their pregnancy and birth journeys, including my own, to guide women through this powerful rite of passage. I possess a deep knowledge of natural, physiologic birth, ancestral remedies and wisdom, and the unwavering belief that every woman has the innate ability to give birth. I believe that pregnancy and birthing can be a natural, totally autonomous, healing and ecstatic experience free of fear, unnecessary medical intervention, and politics. Together, we are sovereign, and as a birth sage, I do not serve any organization or system- I serve women. I serve women who view birth as a sacred ceremony- not a medical event. As a birth sage, I help women untangle their fears, traumas and empower them to begin the journey of making informed, embodied and evidence based decisions that are best for them and their children.


⬥ DONA certified Labour + Birth Doula (2012)
⬥ DONA certified Post Partum Doula (2014)
⬥ Spinning Babies Training (2016)
⬥ Clinical Herbalist (2012) specializing in natural pregnancy + post partum
⬥ Mentorship through Women's Balance Health (Lucina Birth Center) trained birth workers, midwives + Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors (2014-2018)
⬥ Over 100+ families served in the greater Edmonton area

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