A modern day coven

MOONWELL is a movement.

A calling. A re-awakening for all women to unearth and rediscover the truth of who they are. MOONWELL creates safe opportunities for women to release what is holding them back so they can step into their light, creativity and gifts.

We're here to hold space for women who are ready to dig in, get their hands dirty and do the work. We weave the energy of the cosmos, the wisdom of the earth and the vibration of the collective sisterhood to bring rituals, wellness practices and community to empower your self healing journey. One of our favorite sayings goes- remove the fluff to get to the grit - our no bullshit approach to spirituality and wellness is what sets us apart. Together, we are truth tellers, energy channellers, space holding priestesses and modern day witches- but we are not your gurus. We are your guides, leading the way back home to yourself.

Everything offered in this space is to support and nourish the health of women. Through new and full moon circles, retreats, nutrition, herbalism and soulful gifts. MOONWELL is committed to bringing self nourishment back into women’s everyday lives through rituals, education and empowerment.

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