Wild Roses Festival

July 5-7, 2024

For the Wild Woman

Wild Roses Festival is a three day gathering celebrating sisterhood, reconnection, reskilling and rewilding of the Divine Feminine.

Held at a picturesque farm one hour west of Edmonton, Wild Roses Festival features multiple stages with presenters and performers, a bazaar of local, women led businesses featuring their soulful wares, an array of delicious nourishment from food vendors, a forest dance floor, a sprawling green space for camping accommodations, and soulful surprises at every turn.

Together, we will weave a sacred container of beauty, connection, inspiration, education, ceremony, and deep nourishment. Community is the heart of our event, and we are proud to hold space for WOC and Indigenous healers to share invaluable teachings. With that, we acknowledge with so much love, respect and privilege that we dance barefoot and tread lightly on Treaty 6 Land.

The Alberta Wild Rose

We give reverence to our inspiration, the Alberta Wild Rose, whose resilient beauty weathers all of our storms, and comes back stronger each year in providing her sweet smelling nectar and nourishment to the bees, animals and human kind.

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