Cold Crush
Cold Crush
Cold Crush
Cold Crush

Cold Crush

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Cold Crush is the ultimate botanical support for cold support and immune defense. This new and improved formula contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial leaves, lichens, mushrooms, and berries that support in treating both viral and bacterial infections. From stomach bugs to respiratory infections, this is a must have remedy for every medicine cabinet during cold and flu season.

40% alcohol, oregano leaf + flower** (origanum vulgare), lemon balm** (melissa officinalis), thyme** (thymus vulgaris), usnea* (usnea barbata), turkey tail mushroom* (trametes versicolor), sage** (salvia officinalis), echinacea leaf** (echinacea angustifolia), marshmallow leaf** (althea officinalis), elderberry* (sambucus nigra), rosehips** (rosa acicularis).

*certified organic
**wild harvested/locally grown

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Key Botanicals


Oregano is a prized remedy for treating bacterial infections. Possessing anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, the main constituent, Carvacrol, has been shown to possess antiviral properties, delaying viral disease and infection progression and improving resistance to infections.

Turkey Tail Mushroom

In traditional Chinese medicine, turkey tail mushroom is known as Tun Zhi. It’s been used by practitioners of TCM as an immunomodulator that boosts immune function and fights infections. Turkey Tail mushroom is also an incredible host for prebiotics, helping to bolster the immune system and aid in repairing gut related issues.

The Ritual

Dispense 1ml (30 drops) under the tongue or diluted into water, up to 5x daily when experiencing cold and flu symptoms. This remedy is best taken on the immediate onset of symptoms, but can be taken during the duration of a cold or flu. Cold Crush is not recommended for pregnancy or breastfeeding.