Calm Clouds
Calm Clouds
Calm Clouds
Calm Clouds

Calm Clouds

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Calm Clouds are botanical drops for calming the nervous system. Unlike most tinctures, Calm Clouds is infused with vanilla, chamomile and tonka bean making this a deliciously sweet, fast acting remedy.

Method of action: anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), nervine tonifying (strengthening to the nervous system), sedative (sleep inducing), aphrodisiac (libido enhancing), analgesic (relieving pain).

Size: 1oz

40% alcohol, lemon balm (melissa officinalis)*, california poppy (eschscholzia californica)*, damiana (turnera diffusa)*, passionflower (passiflora incarnata), chamomile (matricharia chamomilla)*, vanilla bean (vanilla planifolia), tonka bean (dipterex odorata).

*Grown by Lauren

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The Ritual

1ml (30 drops) under the tongue or diluted into water, up to 3x daily. we highly recommend taking this remedy in the evening as it has gentle sedative properties.