Milky Way | Milky Oats Herbal Tincture
Milky Way | Milky Oats Herbal Tincture
Milky Way | Milky Oats Herbal Tincture
Milky Way | Milky Oats Herbal Tincture

Milky Way | Milky Oats Herbal Tincture

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Milky Oat tops are prized as a nervine food, and comprise the concentrated herbal formula of Milky Way. These tops offer impressive nutritive support for the endocrine and nervous systems, aiding in energization and restful sleep.

Milky Oats are renowned for fortifying the nervous system, and are a highly sought-after remedy for stress relief in herbal medicine. The medicine of Milky Oat works deeply into the body, calming and revitalizing the nervous system, creating a ripple effect of restoration to the endocrine and digestive systems. Milky oat tops are my go-to herb for an immediate effect on those feeling stressed, exhausted, or overwhelmed.

With few contraindications, Milky Oat is a safe and versatile option for restoring healthy nervous function and vitality. It is indicated for cases of nervous debility and exhaustion.


40% alcohol, milky oat tops
(avena sativa)

*grown by a canadian, women led herb farm
**gluten free

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Key Botanicals

Rich in alkaloids, saponins, vitamins, and minerals, Milky Oats aids in restoring vitality and increasing energy levels. Providing the benefits of both a sedative and nervous system stimulant, it helps to improve concentration, ease tension, and manage ADHD, ADD, stress, depression, and insomnia. A reliable adaptogenic nervine, Milky Way is the perfect remedy for a healthy mood, clear focus, and brings a deep exhale to the nervous system.

The Ritual

Take 1ml (30 drops) under the tongue or diluted into water. Milky oats can be safely taken up to 5x daily - use as often as needed. With little contraindications, Milky Oats can be safely consumed by all humans- even those with celiac disease.